Forthcoming Events

 Wed 8 May  10.30 am  Coffee Morning - Michael Jones - "Lifetime in       Music"  St John's
 9-20 May    Hagley Music Festival -  Various
 Wed 22 May  early   Trip to Wells Cathedral with Lunch  Wells Cathedral
 Wed 12 June  10.30 am  Coffee Morning - Yan Lovelock " Taiwan &              Monastery Life"  St John's
 Sat 22 June  7.30 pm  Viva Music Concert  St John's
 Wed 10 July  10.30 am  Coffe  Morning - Bromsgrove Members on "Life after a Stroke"  St John's
 Wed 31 July  2.30 pm  Tim Bridges talk on The Friends of St John 40th Anniversary  St John's
 Wed 14 August  10.,30 am  Coffee Morning - "Opportunities at DiscoverU" by Steve Smith from Wollaston Old Bakery  St John's
 Wed 11 Sept  10.30 am  Coffe Morning - Joe Hawkins - Head of Lanscape at Hagley Hall - "The Park's Refurbishment"  St John's